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Diabetes affects only a small percentage of children but it is a serious disease which can affect the whole life of the child. Care should be taken when the first symptoms are observed and for this to be effective, parents should educate themselves on various diseases. This is to some extent hereditary and is communicated from parents to children. Parents with diabetes should be extra careful. It is essential for all parents to properly understand the disease and should be aware of the symptoms and remedies. When there is a doubt consulting a paediatrician is a must.

Diabetes results in increase in level of glucose in blood or urine. This is due to improper functioning of the kidneys. One of the common indications of diabetes is frequent urination. As the level of glucose in blood increases, the kidneys tend to work faster to filter out excess glucose, resulting in frequent urge. The body tends to maintain the fluid level which is cause of excessive thirst, needing lot of water intake. If this process continues, it can cause damage not only to kidneys but to other organs.

Weight loss is another symptom of diabetes. The children suffering from this problem may have good appetite and enjoy healthy food, but are unable to maintain or increase weight and often lose weight. If you observe weight loss in your child without any reason, consult a doctor.

A child suffering from diabetes will feel tired and lifeless. He will not have energy to play with fellow children. The reason for this is that the body is not able to maintain proper metabolism, as such energy released is insufficient. Another important signal of diabetes is difficulty in healing of wounds. If your child gets injured or even has scratches on body they will not heal within the normal time required to heal such wounds in ordinary children. In girls there is an added symptom, if your daughter does not experience puberty at the right age, instead she develops yeast infection, be particular and consult the doctor.

Diabetes is not difficult to diagnose. The patient has to undergo blood and urine test both after having normal food and also when fasting. If the level of glucose is higher than recommended it is a cause of concern and needs care. In early stages medicine can limit and manage the disease but total eradication of this problem may be difficult. Medicines have been developed which can be consumed without much side effects. Also invest in good stout shoes to prevent injury to toes and impress on the child to play safely as wounds are difficult to heal.