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When the children are out of the house in the shopping mall or public places, some kids feel a sense of freedom to do anything they want. Many times they do things that embarrass the parents. When they don’t try to mend their ways on repeated warnings it frustrates and irritates the parents.

There are number of ways to deal with the situation without overreacting. Here a few tips.

  • Parents should explain to the children before leaving the house about the behavior expected of them. They should also explain the consequences of deviating from the expected behaviour. When this is done, the kids would be conscious that they would have to face the repercussions if they don’t obey the rules and would make an effort to be good.
  • When the kids misbehave in public, the parents should not think of what the other would think child. Instead try to focus on what they would have done had the same incident happened at home and deal it in the same way.
  • Whenever the child misbehaves in public, the child should be reminded that they would loose their privileges of watching television, playing with friends or would face timeouts etc.
  • If there isn’t any improvement after repeated warnings, they parents should let the child know that they would discuss the incident when they get back home. Even if the behaviour improves after that, the parents should get back home and discuss it with the child and punish accordingly. This would make the child realise that consistent good behaviour is expected of them and not in bits and pieces.
  • Last of all, the parents should have realistic expectations from their child. They should not expect a three years old child to behave the same way as a ten year old. The ten years old would be matured and realise they should not run around the place and be very careful with delicate items. But a three year old, would be very inquisitive and would want to touch and feel everything.

Important point to note is that the parents should maintain firmness in their voice whenever they warn the child and when they deviate from the expected behaviour discipline the child with their age appropriate techniques.