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Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder, in which the person has an extreme sense of their own importance. They are self obsessed and don’t care for others  or their feeling. This type of disorder is mostly found in male. They are extremely possessive about their children. They want their children to live as they like to and do in their life what they want to. They take too much care of their children and make them totally dependent. The dream of success which they have seen, want to get it fulfilled by their children, so that to get its credit.

Due to so much impositions and guidance children revolt and start taking their own decision. But the parents suffering from disorder are envied of their awareness about independence and decision making ability. Try to make them feel guilty. Going to the extreme even they plan to crush any effort to achieve their goal what they have planned independently. Taking it as their disregard become violent with anger, blame the children for their problems, even abuse or use physical violence too. When nothing works pose as if they are totally dependent to their children, or threat them either to harm the children or to themselves.

The cause of this type of personality is definitely not known. May be over sensitive personality or may be parenting problem. Too much appreciation or too much criticize in childhood. Sometimes due to abuse or trauma in early childhood or adolescence, they become over defensive.

Those suffering from NPD (narcissistic personality disorder can’t tolerate their criticism. They react to it with anger shame or feeling of humiliation. Though they don’t care for others yet uses anybody to extract their purpose. These people exaggerate their achievements or talents. They always dream of success, power, beauty, intelligence, an ideal love etc. Though they criticize and blame others but want continuous attention and admiration for them. While talking with anybody they turn the topic towards them to explain their achievements and take its credit.

The problem can be diagnosed by psychological evaluation.

Its treatment can only be done by psychotherapy, by talking with the patient.

Children of narcissistic parents are affected as well. Dealing with such parents is very difficult, their most powerful weapon is to blackmail emotionally, so they become manipulative too. Children will have to become independent as soon as possible. Learn to take decisions themselves. If possible shift to hostel or any place away from parent’s home. Children should make their parents aware that they know their manipulative attitude and don’t try to manipulate. Arrange parents’ counseling with a professional therapist. But keep in mind that a little change can be brought about but can’t be cured completely.