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There are a large number of different varieties of insects found in this word. Of these, only a fraction is harmful, the others are not harmful and often do the work assigned to them by nature. Children are often frightened of all insects and there is a general tendency to try to kill them when sighted. As such it is necessary that the child should know which insects are harmful and which, though not harmful, can bite, resulting in irritation or even rashes.

A large number of insects such as cockroaches, honey bee or butter flies etc. are harmless insects. Honey bee though can cause lot of pain due to its sting but is very helpful to mankind as it helps pollination by taking pollen from one plant to the other. The child should be told to stay away from these bees and also from similar other insects, as a sting by them can cause allergic reaction. If the child goes near the hive, a large number of bees can attack in self defense, resulting in dire consequences.

Mosquitoes are dangerous insects. They grow and multiply in still water which accumulates in unused tyres, or unattended vessels lying around the house. Mosquitoes often attack in the early morning or at night. The bite is painful and can cause rashes. A variety of mosquitoes carry dangerous viruses which can be a cause of high fever called malaria or swine flu etc. To keep yourself safe, it is essential to keep the surroundings clean. During the rainy season or when the temperatures are mild, wear clothes which cover maximum part of the body.

Ticks are another variety of bugs which are very annoying and can cause rashes. The child should be told to stay away from them. If the child gets ticks these should be removed as soon as possible. The child should be sprayed with tick repellent and should stay away from long growing grass.

Another less known bug is kissing bug or a Mexican bug. This bug is dangerous. It hides itself under furniture. When a person sleeps, it comes out of the hiding and sucks the blood. It is a cause of allergic reaction. The most affected parts are palm and sole of feet. Its bite can cause vomiting or breathing problem.

Also there are a large number of dangerous region specific bugs such as spiders and scorpions. The parents should buy charts showing photographs of harmful and not so harmful bugs to teach the child to be aware of them and stay away from harmful ones.