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Bruxism children grinding teeth in sleepingTeeth grinding in kids is known as bruxism. It  happens when children clench their upper and lower teeth, rubbing them each other. Generally kids grind their teeth during sleep and are not aware of what they do.

What Causes Teeth Grinding ?

It is not known that why some children start grinding their teeth and some children are not. There are many studies that it could be based on the fact that the sets of upper and lower teeth do not fit together comfortably because of the fact that the children’s teeth and jaws grow in phases to unpleasant sensations in the area. The natural reaction of the child is to grind their teeth to calm, often this practice later develops as a habit. It was also revealed that both children and adults grind their teeth when they are scared in any way or as a response to facial pain as a children’s ear pain or illness. It is also seen that hyperactive children have developed bruxism.

Recent studies suggest that sleep disorders may be a cause for bruxism in children as well as a number of other problems such as bed-wetting, drooling and sleep-talking. Interruptions in the rapid eye movement (REM) patterns by dehydration during sleep may be the underlying cause of many of these problems. The dentist can advise you more on this topic.

Bruxism due to Stress: In children whose grinding appears to be to stress or anxiety, it is extremely important to the underlying cause of these feelings. Try to relax, as your child before they sleep, like a warm bath and a massage of the jaw. These methods help to ensure that your child has a deep, restful and uninterrupted sleep.

The most important thing is that you are not worried about a child grinding, as it very often. If your child already has their adult teeth, then it’s more of a problem, but there are many options available to the Council by your dentist.

Effects of Bruxism

Children usually experience no ill effects from grinding their teeth. Even when their milk teeth show wear it usually does not cause pain or damage, if it does carry is heavier, or if your child has already lost their milk teeth, then it is advisable that the treatment by your dentist as dental problems such as tooth infection can occur. In most cases of teeth grinding in children they will usually develop the problem.

Prevention and Treatment

While the problems are most likely gone, you can try some tips to help the child stop grinding their teeth in the meantime. Your dentist would be the best source of advice, and in a position to ensure that there are no problems regarding the alignment of the teeth of the child.

Mouthguards for grinding teeth prevention: The most common solution is usually a recommendation from the mouth guard. Wear a mouth guard at night will prevent the child from grinding their teeth and night, and has a very high success rate in reducing the habit. But, your child may be uncomfortable wearing a mouth guard, and for this reason, it is advisable to engage with other treatment options. In many cases, have shown hypnosis a successful way to people of all age groups from the habit of teeth grinding.

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