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Learning disability is a condition where in the child has problems in learning or assimilating information which are expected by children of that age. These problems may relate to physical, social and academic.

Kids Learning Disability Symptoms

Here are a few symptoms of disability. If the children exhibit a few of these, it’s better to observe them as they develop if they are able to overcome these. If they expect most of these symptoms then they must be taken for learning disability tests.

By the preschool age of 3 to 4 years, if the child is not able to do the following, then there are chances of learning disability

  • Children Learning Disability

    Children Learning Disability

    Unable to hear and repeat rhyming words like cat, mat, bat

  • Unable to think of similar rhyming words
  • Takes long gap between words i.e takes long time to speak compared to children of their age
  • Unable to pronounce certain words even after teaching them how to pronounce it
  • Is usually restless and gets distracted easily
  • Cannot follow routes and directions correctly
  • Keeping up with routine is always a problem
  • Speech problems: Has poor vocabulary and doesn’t use the right word in the right context
  • Cannot think in an orderly way and put things in the right order. For example, These children will not be able to say the alphabets , numbers, days of the week or months of the year in order

If a child in the age group 4 to 9 years exhibits most of the below signs then there is need to test for learning disability.

  • Unable to use the basic words like they, run, was, what etc  correctly
  • Cannot look at the clock and say what it is
  • Cannot recall this he/she has learnt
  • Poor at phonetics: Cannot relate the sounds words  with the alphabets
  • Not methodical, disorganised and cannot plan anything
  • Poor judgement which leads to accidents
  • Lack of coordination skills
  • Has problems in reading: Cannot spell words correctly, has problems in recognizing letter inversions like M/W, transpositions like left/felt and substitution of words as required like home/house
  • Confusion with mathematical symbols  and their meaning
  • Cannot hold the pencil properly
  • Cannot memorize and recall