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Most parents complain that the child doesn’t concentrate on doing tasks in hand. But these complaining parents have to understand that the concentration levels vary in different age groups. Concentration is the ability to set up a hub on around which all the activities should be done, remove the obstacles, delay gratification and control emotions and taking spontaneous rash decisions. Kids develop these as they grow up.

Here is an overview of the concentration abilities of the children in different age groups:

5-7 Age Groups

When the children around five, they can sit in one place or at school and learn alphabets, numbers and try to read a little. It’s in sharp concentration to what they had been just a year ago. They can do actions based on their own thinking ability. They learn to specialize in one language and can talk to themselves and come out of tough situations. They don’t usually give up or get frustrated.  But their attention span is very low. The tasks assigned to them should be told to them one at a time with step by step clear instructions as to how to execute it. For example, if they have to pick the toys and then put the clothes in the cupboard. They should be first instructed to pick up the toys then the next task of picking up the clothes and then ask them to place them in the cupboard.

7-9 Age Groups

By the time they are 7 their concentration abilities improve so is the ability to listen, retain information and retrieve them. Their language would be well developed. They would be able to sit in a place and watch movies and organize their tasks like homework.

9-12 Age Groups

Their concentration power increases due to the brain development. They would be able to organize their tasks and work on them independently. They would develop the drive to do and achieve their goals.

Tips to help kids concentrate better:

  • There should be no form distractions like television or radio switched on loudly when the child is expected to concentrate and do something
  • Time lines should be set up for completing the task
  • Child should get sufficient rest in the form of sleep otherwise concentration would be affected
  • Lots of exercise to keep them mentally and physically fit. This would increase blood flow to the brain and also stimulate hormonal responses
  • Playing memory related games would improve concentration ability

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