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Language is the medium of communication. One can win the entire world with one’s linguistic power. Many priests, saints and religious preachers, all rule thousands of hearts with their linguistic intelligence. Linguistic intelligence means the capability to read and write well. It is a fact that who have good communication skills, become skilled at and are aware of the different things with no trouble.

Children with their linguistic aptitude can identify the text of the books and are able to memorize new concepts with ease. So as a parent it is up to you to make your child a leader not a follower. You should start encouraging your child to speak openly even in the company of strangers. Don’t snub him when he speaks loudly or when he asks questions about the things around him.

Preschool English is pertinent for the growth of your child. You can buy music videos, CDs of Rhymes, words, days, colors, shapes etc. You can buy word puzzle games for your champion.  It is a fact that to teach a child is a very hard task. You need angelic patience for it.

The diet, play and sleep of your child are equally important. So it is a good idea to arrange a tutor for him. Children are very good receptors. You can use 2-4 new words with him daily while playing with him or when you are feeding him.

Spend a good deal of time with your child and communicate with him to develop good relationship. Answer all the queries of your child without loosing patience. Encourage him to speak maximum number of words. Sometimes kids pronounce incorrect words in a very innocent way and we feel happy about it. We should avoid showing our happiness at such moments because the child feels appreciated and develops the wrong word in his vocabulary.

Make sure eye-to-eye contact with your child when he speaks. “Mama look at me” is a very common sentence of children because they need attention. Always appreciate him when he sings some rhyme or speaks alphabets, counting etc. you can teach him expressions too. Your face expressions, movements and tone should match your sentences. Take your child for a long drive. This will definitely do magic. Children ask about everything what they see birds, animals, flowers, trees, mountain, vehicles, sky, moon, sun, stars, darkness, brightness, water, fountains etc. They ask why something happens? Who created this? How it works? By satisfying all the questions that your child has put, you can develop a good linguistic level of your child.

Good communication skill is the guarantee of success and linguistic intelligence makes us a good communicator. Make it habit to say ‘I can do this’. God has given brain to all. We should respect his blessing and use it to maximum level. Inculcate the same feeling in your loving child and he will definitely create wonders.