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In all probability an active child will get a few cuts or nicks while playing but these should not be cause of much worry to the parents. Disinfectant, an antiseptic ointment and band aid will treat such minor bruises.

Sometimes while playing the skin gets scraped from legs and arms, particularly the elbows and knees when the child falls and lands on them. Remove dirt, gravel and grass which may be sticking to the wound either with clean water or cotton wool dipped in water. Apply some antibiotic ointment after that. This will moisturise the area, helping healing and also protect from infection. If necessary, cover with light gauze for a short time. Some iodine can also be applied on the open wound of child. Dry wounds can be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide solution as well.

When bleeding occurs then parents tend to panic but they should try to remain calm. Show sympathy and love to the child to calm him because when the child sees blood oozing out, his blood pressure will rise, causing the bleeding to accelerate.

If the injury is in the head and face area then more precaution is necessary. Apply pressure to the bleeding area with a gauze pad placed on the wound for about thirty seconds. If bleeding does not stop, then a visit to a doctor is advised. A few stitches may be required to stop the bleeding and hasten healing. You should wash hands thoroughly, secure a light pad over the wound and take the child to the doctor.

The parents should be very particular to get tetanus shots at the required time and also not miss any booster doses. This will go a long way in protecting your child. This is especially necessary if the wound has been caused by a metal object which could be rusted as well.

Bleeding cannot be the only criteria of the severity of an injury. If the wound looks big or bone or muscles are visible, rush the child to the doctor without delay. When the wound is caused by a sharp object like a nail, it will not appear to be big but it will be deep. An attempt to stop the bleeding should be made and then the child taken for medical treatment.

For all wounds it must be seen that further infection is minimised. Parents should take note if the area of the wound turns hot or red. Warning bells should ring if pus is formed at the spot. Oral antibiotics will have to be administered with medical advice. With due care, the child will be healthy soon and resume his normal activity.