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Some parents prefer to sleep with their kids and others don’t like to sleep with them but rather put them on their crib. Parents should always decide after weighing pros and cons of sleeping with their babies.

Co sleeping Benefits

  • Sleeping with baby increase bonding with baby.
  • Mother feels comfortable while breastfeeding the newborn baby.
  • Newborns get sound sleep because they feel safe while sleeping with mother.
  • It provides extra time for mother to spend with child and she gets more time to sleep for her own in co-sleeping.
  • Mother get used to baby’s kicking, wriggling, squirming at night without any disturbance.
  • It reduces risk of SIDS.
  • It gives feeling of well-being and confidence in kids.
  • Relationship with parents are strengthened even when the children grown up.

Cons Of Cosleeping

  • Long term problems may be created, child will never sleep without mother during some emergency.
  • Increases some risks, American pediatrics advise not to put babies on adult beds at all.
  • Love making, intimacy with partner may be at risk.
  • Mother often get disturbed sleep during night.
  • If it happen for long time, the baby remains dependent on parents to look after throughout life.
  • It reduces risk of cot death in case parents are taking medication, drugs or drinking alcohol.
  • It may cause strangulation risk with parents having long hair to kids.
  • Put kids on great risk if parents sleep on water beds.
  • Mattresses for adults may cause problems for small infants or toddlers.
  • It becomes more difficult for parents sleeping with their older kids on beds.

Is Co-sleeping Safe?

U.S. consumer product safety commission advises parents to avoid co-sleeping with their kids to keep risk of suffocation and strangulation of kids in adult beds away from them. Co-sleeping culture is widely accepted in non-western cultures but difference in western mattresses, bedding and other cultural practices make kids safe and put kids at lower risk of death. More deaths are because of parents, caregivers on rolling over or against sleeping child.