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Some children do not gain the level of intelligence as is expected from them according to the age they have reached. The children suffering from learning disabilities are those who are unable to learn lessons properly. They also suffer from writing and reading disabilities. There are a number of factors which affect learning disability. Broadly common causes of learning disability can be divided into two i.e. hereditary and surrounding. It is possible for a person to move from a place to other more congenial surroundings to improve the health of the brain, where as hereditary disability which comes to the child from the genes of the parents cannot be changed.

It will not be correct to say that the offspring of mentally weak persons will be always weak and will not develop proper learning habits. If the child gets genes relating to learning from parents he will be facing learning disability, whereas those who do not carry these genes will not develop deficiency.

In a number of cases the reasons for learning disability can be traced back to the diseases from which the mother is suffering. If the mother is suffering from low level of thyroid hormones or certain other diseases like diabetes from childhood, the offspring is likely to suffer from learning disability. To prevent this, it is necessary that the mother should be treated before conception or in any case before reaching an advanced stage of pregnancy.

Similar is the case with the children born from mothers who are alcoholic or who smoke too much. High level of intake of alcohol or caffeine can cause the deformity in the child. Exposure to pesticide is dangerous both for mother and child. During pregnancy the mother should be given healthy diet and should avoid junk food which has no nutrition and high sugar content which prevents proper development of brain and can cause harm to kidneys.

The other factor is surroundings in which a person is placed. Those children living in filthy surroundings or those placed in surroundings full of crime and criminals, or those living in homes with low level of harmony amongst parents and siblings are likely to suffer from learning disability. The extent of disability that the person will suffer from the environment can be reduced by changing the surroundings in which a child is being brought up, i.e. by imparting education in a school where the child can spend most of the day.

Providing balanced food full of nutrition, desired proteins and minerals to the child can help improve learning disability defect in children. Whatever be the case it is not possible to altogether change the learning habits of these types of persons but to some extent learning habits can be improved by effort and medication.