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It cannot be said as to which of the human organs are more important than the other as nature has created each organ with its specific utility but eyes play an important role in human life. It is the organ which helps a human being to see the world and the learning process is also through the eyes and eyesight.

Common injuries in children are generally caused to the eyes during sports or when the kid is involved in such other activities. An injury to the eye can be caused by a hit on the eye or due to entry of some foreign body in the eye. Injury could also be caused due to chemical burns. All injuries are very painful and immediate medical attention is necessary to prevent deterioration of the eye sight. According to one survey about half of the cases of injury to the eyes which come to the hospital have injuries inflicted at home. It becomes the duty of the parents to be very particular about the health of the eyes of the child. In case of even a minor suspicion of injury to the eyes, the child should be taken to the doctor.

Following basic steps should be taken to prevent and manage common eye injuries in kids:

In case the child reports minor irritation in his eye sight, before touching the eyes for examination it is essential that the hands should be washed with soap and running water. Wash the hands of the child too as he will have tendency to touch the eyes due to irritation. In case you find something embedded in the eyes do not try to fiddle with it, remove if possible with the touch of an end of a cloth otherwise take the child to a doctor. You can also flush the eye with slightly warm water, pouring it in the open eye and observe if it has been washed off.

In case the foreign object does not flush out and you suspect it to be a piece of glass or metal do not touch the eye or apply pressure but take the child to the eye care practitioner or to a hospital. Do not panic yourself or panic the child.

Do not allow the child to play or fiddle with liquids which are of no concern to him. However many chemicals are available in the household and there is a possibility of the child fiddling with some of them. In case the child gets injured due to some liquid, immediately check the label on the packaging about procedure if any mentioned on it in case of accidental touch to the eyes. In the absence of instructions flush the eyes of the child with warm water and in the mean time call for emergency help or ambulance service. The emergency help may give some instructions which you should follow pending full medical aid.

Black eye is caused in case there is direct injury to the eyes of the child, however it could also be caused by head trauma. If there is no apparent direct injury to the eyesight of the child, a black eye can be treated at home. Apply ice packs for a few minutes with a gap of about 20 minutes between two applications. Continue ice pack for a day or two thereafter apply warm pack intermediately. The leaked blood will be absorbed by the body. Try to keep the head of the child above the body by giving him an extra pair of pillows and make the child lie down on the side on which there is no injury to the eye. In case of pain the doctor can suggest some anti-inflammatory medicine. In case the pain persists or redness increases or there is bleeding or the eye sight is affected plan an emergency visit to the doctor.

In almost all cases the injury to the eyes is curable if necessary steps are taken immediately after the child gets injured. Do not delay a visit to an expert doctor trying home remedies as the whole future life of your child could be affected if you are negligent. As your child grows up, make eye care a part of the safety instructions given to the child.