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Children of different ages are prone to acquire certain diseases. When the child is very small he is likely to be exposed to extreme weather prevailing outside. The exposure to cold weather may be cause of a number of related problems. It is essential that tolerable conditions should be maintained in the room where the child spends most of the time. The clothes which the child wears should be adjusted to the weather. It is the desire of all parents to see their child hale and hearty and free from all diseases. It is the duty of the parents to properly study the nature and cure for children diseases. Enlightened parents will be able to bring up the children better.

Despite all precautions the toddlers are likely to suffer from some problems. The most common problem faced by the children relate to skin. This problem can arise due to fungal infection or due to unhygienic conditions in which the child lives. Try to keep the area near the mouth and neck dry by tying a bib to absorb excess saliva. The clothes which the child wears may be dirty or while washing traces of soap remain in clothes, or the dirty diapers remain in contact with the skin of the child for long. If the soap used for washing clothes or bathing the child contain harsh chemicals, the child will get skin problem. Fungal infection could be due to virus or contact with a person suffering from such disease.

The dermal problem should not to be taken lightly. The cause should be ascertained and remedial measures taken immediately. Better consult a dermatologist and follow his prescription.

Constipation is another common problem faced by majority of the toddlers. There can be a variety of reasons for this problem. Once the child develops constipation a number of associated problems start. These include gas formation resulting in spasm, pain in stomach area and lack of appetite. The toddler is not able to explain the problem and cries because of the pain. Once this problem starts the stool becomes hard and heavy resulting in pain in rectum. Parents should ensure that the bowl movement is proper. Excess of milk can be a cause of constipation. Try soya milk instead of cow milk. It should be ensured that the toddler has sufficient intake of fibrous products. These will reduce the chances of child developing constipation.

Ordinary cough, cold and fever are also quite common with children. Protect the child during changing weather and be selective about the food given to them. Spicy food can also be cause of health hazard. Some children also face lice attack. These are passed on from one child to the other. Use of medicated shampoo and proper combing will eradicate the lice’s from toddler’s hair.