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Healthy diet for kids is a must for the growth of kids. Nutritious diet is good for bones, teeth and overall development of children. Make sure that kids don’t gain too much weight and can lose weight if they need to do so. Do not go after advertisement of junk foods, that tend to be high in sugar, salt and made attractive for kids to demand it.


Give them fruits, low-sugar granola and serve them milk, chopped banana or diluted juice of fruit. Serve them with a cup of cornflakes, chopped apple or chopped nuts. Toast with scrambled eggs or plain yogurt and berries. Encourage them to eat oatmeal with raisins. Toast with baked beans spread on and whole glass of milk


Let them taste baked potato with tuna. Green vegetables and shepherd’s pie will be healthy lunch. Green vegetables with macaroni cheese is good for health. Lentil soup and chicken taken tastily. Tuna sandwiches, kids like to eat


Green beans with omelet, vegetables with tuna pasta bows. Chicken slices on pita bread with sweet red peppers in sliced form are also liked by children. Mashed potato and ratatouille with salmon fillet and mixed vegetables with chicken casserole can also be tried.


  • Popcorn homemade
  • Fruit with unsalted mixed nuts
  • Cheese cream on oatcakes and grapes
  • Recipe of milk and red berries
  • Spread unsweetened nut butter on toast
  • Carrots slices with avocado dip
  • Salad of fruit with oat pancake

Points to remember

1. Let kids eat foods of his/her liking and don’t force to eat everything on plate. Kids usually get tired of the same food and taste to leave half the food on the plate.

2. Never skip breakfast and encourage them to eat it regularly.

3. Converse with children about the benefits of healthy eating, good for body.

4. Teenaged, girls get glowing skin, shiny hair and strong nails, energy  and concentration, boys build muscles, play favorite sports with  balanced, healthy diet.

5. Reduce sweets, cakes, biscuits and fizzy drinks.

6. Cut down fatty foods like chips, burgers and fried food.

7. Prefer starchy foods, wholegrain variety, fresh fruit and vegetables.

8. Fats are good for development of kids especially omega3 and omega 6, found in tuna, salmon, sesame seeds, nuts, sardines, avocado, sunflower seeds, corn and almonds.

9. Protein is good but never overload it on kidneys, find it in eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, chicken, beef, lamb, fish oats and millets.

10. Make a bigger portion of carbohydrates in kids’diet, find in sugary juices, candies, unprocessed breakfast, fruits, vegetables, bread, crackers, grain cereals, unsweetened muesli and snacks.

11. Healthy meals like fishcakes, homemade burgers, fruit muffins, whole meal scones, smoothies and sandwiches.