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Choking of the child will definitely run waves through the parent’s body. But the best thing to do at the time is to call the ambulance if it appears serious. In the meantime, the parents can try to comfort the child and try to relieve them of the suffocation or choking.

Here are some suggestions of what should be done while suffocation and choking. But it’s always better to attend the first aid classes to have a practical understanding of the dos and don’ts.


If the child is choking, immediately try to put the finger into the throat and get the object out. Other option is to perform the Heimlich maneuver or abdominal thrusts to move the object to move it. In case, the child stops breathing immediately CPR should be commenced and medical help should be called for.


If the child suffocates due to covering the head, mouth or nose, immediately attempt to remove the object. If it’s tied up around the neck, then cut it with a scissors or knife. If it’s stuck with adhesive, poke it with a pen or a pin in the mouth. Sometimes the object itself may have to be cut to relieve the child of suffocation. All the time parents must remember to comfort the child.


If the child is strangled by a cord, help should be sought immediately. The cord should never be pulled as it may tighten further and cause further problems. The one loose end should be located and pulled else the cord could be cut. Cutting the cord has to be done carefully because the child would continuously move and the place the knife to cut would be very difficult. While cutting the cord, the blunt end of the knife should be between the cord and the body and sharp edge.

How to prevent choking ?

The best way to avoid the above is to check for small parts while buying toys for the child. Also, check the minimum age prescribed for playing with the toy. It would help to decide whether is suitable for the young child or not.

Children should be taught never to play cover their face with plastic bags or cords around neck or place small parts in their mouth. Also, the children should be stopped from running around with food in their mouth.