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Right from the time of birth a child spends most of the time with parents especially mother. She gives him food when hungry and takes care of every emotion of the child. When the child is ready to learn how to walk, she teaches the child to walk and even picks him up in the event of a fall. This results in establishment of a bond between the mother and the child. The child starts depending upon the mother.

When the child grows up and it is time for the child to be away from the parent, there is bound to be development of anxiety of separation in the child. The time of separation comes when the child has to go for baby sitting or to school. At this point of time it is the duty of the parents to prepare him for separation.

Counselling of the child is essential and the child has to be explained that he/she is to separate from mom or dad while in school, and he has to be there every day. The way this is done plays an important role in his adjustment during school. If explained properly, things will be easier for both child and parents. Mere words will not be able to assure the child that the parents are not going to be lost forever but will meet the child after school, but the parents will have to invest time and effort to be within calling distance till the child is comfortable enough to let go.

At the school going age, though the child has developed some sense of understanding, but he has not achieved the level to be able to understand elders’ logic. Telling the child that all will be well during the period in school or at day care centre, will not work properly. Taking the child to the school and telling that other children like him are in school and enjoying the time will make him understand better. Still better, the child should be introduced to other children and teacher.

It will be good if you can stay in school for some time and sit in class so that the child gets acquainted with the new atmosphere. Encouraging the child to play with other children and doing some activity together will help. If rules permit, the child should be given some small things like candies or chocolates for distribution amongst the fellow kids. This way child will develop sense of friendship and confidence during absence of parents.

You may also go to school or house of baby sitter to bring the child back home. Once the confidence is developed in the mind of child the anxiety of separation from parents will slowly go and the child will learn to enjoy new environment, and will start feeling relaxed.