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It is very unfortunate for a child to loss either of his/her parent. Its very difficult for the child to accept the fact and dealing with the loss of a parent in childhood. The mishap leaves behind a mental setback and it’s a difficult task to bring the child out of the situation. The child needs love from other parent. Love from other family members is also required. Responsibility of all the members towards the child increases, especially responsibility of the single parent.

The single parent will have to come out of his/her own grief and help the child to cope up with the loss. Teenagers and children coping with death of a parent develop feeling of insecurity, so keep themselves away from public and friends. This affects them badly. Their development, education everything is hampered. They become lonely and here problem begins. They lose control on their temper and patience. Finally they are pushed towards drug addiction, smoking and other criminal activities. They choose this way to get rid of their loneliness.

To protect the child from involving in these activities, don’t let the child to live alone silently. Not only the single parent but it becomes the responsibility of every member of the family to provide love and affection to the child. The single parent should take care that the child is getting love and affection at home as well as in school. He/she is not being neglected. If possible the single parent should ask help of elderly and should take their suggestions about good parenting. The single parent’s sensible training and parenting can control the situation from going worse.

The single parent’s will have to play the role of both mother and father as well as of a friend. He/ she should remain with him/her in all their need. He/she should not feel that whom to share his/her pleasure or grief. Share their every moment. Let the child know the fact and help him/her to accept it. Only love and affection can bear courage in him/her to accept it. Don’t let the child’s education be hampered. Provide best education according to your ability. Education brings maturity in the child. A good environment will help the child to normalize himself.

Being indulged in study and home works the child will forget the unfortunate past slowly. Parent’s sound financial condition is also helpful in getting the child normal. Scarcity of materialistic things will make the child even sorrier. Keep in mind that the demands should be met as far as possible. But it is also a fact that the special treatment makes the child stubborn, so a very careful and wise parenting is required. You will have to give quality time to the child, to celebrate his/her success or to console the failure. In this way you can help the child to come out of the trauma. Remember, loss or death of a person can never be fulfilled but proper care can minimize it.