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During these difficult times, when expenses tend to increase at a rapid pace as compared to income, the decision to have more than one child becomes difficult. Having children is one aspect, bringing them up, training them to be good citizens and providing financial support to all children becomes an issue to be discussed and decided by parents.

Older people are always of the view that it is better to have more than one child as this way they will learn to interact and be social making them good leaders. There are views against this school of thought. Looking around you will see a large number of successful people who are a single child of the parents, yet they have progressed much in life. However, you have to put in efforts to train your single child to be a good student and a good leader in future life.

The first thing a child learns is association with his parents and other family members at home. The child should be encouraged to meet, sit and play with all family members and not get closeted with the parents only. To discipline the child he should be taught to keep his room and bed tidy. This way the child will have increased confidence level. If there are cousins of the child he should be encouraged to play and mix up with them. This will enable the child to learn to live in society and develop the habit of not only dictating to others but also accepting the dictates of others.

The next important place where the child learns is school. A school is a gathering of children who collect with the common object of learning under the leadership of the teacher. At school the child gets the lesson of living in society and working under the guidance and command of the teacher.

Public parks, auditoriums or zoo where large number of children collect provide a place where children can practice being social. Besides these, parties are an important place of socialising. Here the children learn how to be formal, talk to strangers or the people of different sex and of different age. It is here the child will learn to behave properly fearing being insulted if he does not show his best to the others.

Being a member of some sporting activity namely soccer club or football club or the likes will help to a large extent for the child to learn to live in society. Here the child will meet a large number of fellow members of different ages and if he behaves well he will be accepted otherwise thrown out.

Thus one can conclude that for being social, it is not necessary that there should be large number of children in the family, the necessity is proper training.