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In every house hold a thermometer is a must. Any member of house hold can get fever. For measurement of fever thermometer is required to decide the nature of immediate treatment required. In a household with babies, the right type of thermometer is a must. When the child gets sick and has fever he or she gets irritated very fast and becomes difficult to handle. As such according to the temperament and age of the child a right type of thermometer should be available.

While checking the temperature of the child two things are of utmost importance and needed to be kept in mind by parents, they are accuracy and safety. For measuring the temperature different types of thermometers are available in the market. Each has different cost and features. While buying one, the parents have to keep in mind cost factor. In addition to cost safety of the child and accuracy of the reading should also be considered.

The traditional and cheapest model of thermometer available in the market is the one filled with mercury. Though the reading is accurate but it is not fully safe if the temperature is taken orally. The bulb is made of thin glass and filled with mercury and it can be harmful to the child if it cracks in mouth. If this thermometer is to be used during high fever in children, temperature should be taken in armpit.

Digital thermometers and ear thermometers are the other type of thermometers available in the market. Digital thermometers are quite cheap and accurate and the reading is very fast. These can be used to take temperature orally, in armpit or inside rectum. Specialised thermometers are available to take reading at different places.

Though taking reading from rectum is the most accurate method but it is very cumbersome and often disliked by parents and children. Remember that if a thermometer is once used to take temperature from rectum it should be properly marked and kept separate and should never be used to take temperature orally. The normal rectum temperature is around 99.5 degrees F.

The most convenient way to take measure the temperature of the child is by using digital strip type thermometer. These types of thermometers are quite accurate but very expensive. If the parents can afford this they should go for this instrument. To measure the temperature just below the hair line the strip is rubbed on the forehead of the child from one side to the other and during this time the temperature gets measured. These types of thermometers are called temporal artery thermometers.

It is important to keep handy a chart of normal temperature reading as taken from different parts of body, so that an accurate estimate is made and provided to the doctor, so that right treatment is given to the child. Also the parents should properly follow instructions of the manufacturer.