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As the child grows he needs more exercise to build up proper muscles and for full development of the body. When the child has come to an age at which he is able to run around, it is the duty of the parents to take her out to enable her to indulge in outdoor activities. It has been seen that in case of many parents who are themselves involved in some work, they try to keep the child busy to enable them to do their own work. In such cases the child lags in proper development during the days to come.

Generally when you talk to the parents you will come across many who will say that their kids are too busy and do not have time to go out and play every day, and some will complain that despite the availability of time, the kids do not play. It is for the parents to balance the time in a manner that the child gets a lot of physical activity in addition to study and routine home jobs.

There is a feeling in the minds of some parents that the child should remain fully busy to prevent her from indulging in some unwanted activities. However, the parents should understand that the child should participate in all activities performed by fellow kids otherwise he or she will miss out something in life. Though there is no doubt about the intentions of such parents but their thinking makes the child too busy. The pressure on the child to complete the day’s schedule as given by the parents makes her exhausted both physically and mentally. This also affects the physical and mental health of the parents alike. The schedule of the child should be so drawn that there is sufficient time for outdoor activities like sports and recreation or relaxation and meeting with other children and parents. This will make the kid social and disciplined.

Over busy children are fully worn out by the end of the day and soon they will start to exhibit the following symptoms:

  • Feeling of tiredness and depression.
  • Headache and stomach ache due to lack of adequate sleep or improper digestion of food.
  • Inability to concentrate on studies, complaints from school for non completion of home work.
  • Lack of friends and social activity is another symptom in over busy children which affect future life.
Parents responsibility

Some parents who have less time due to work or other social pressures may be a cause of making the children busy for their own convenience. This way they are spoiling the future of their own child. It is for the parents to ensure that their children are not over taxed and are not burning out. The schedule of the child should be so made that it is balanced between studies, recreation and work at home.

Keeping in mind the age of the child the parents should schedule the day for the child so that it is balanced. It will be better to draw up a calendar for the month in consultation with the child of the activities to be performed at a particular time each day. This could be pasted at some conspicuous place like fridge so that the child sees the schedule for the day quite often. It should be ok for the parents to ignore occasional variance from the schedule. If the child misses a game and indulges in other recreation, the parents should just ignore but ensure that this does not become a habit.

Ensure that there is time together for the family especially on holidays. On this day the whole family should sit together, discuss different matters and problems faced during the week, have food together and go for outing together, say at least twice a month. This will keep the children involved with parents.

This way the children will grow up to be better citizens and the parents will be proud of them when they enter their field of activity.