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The baby is crying excessively, rubbing nose and ears, slight fever, doesn’t sleep whole night and not even let you too. Is the baby between 3 months to 12 months of age? It may be teething problem. Check the gums of the baby. Is it red swollen accompanied with diarrhea, cough and slight fever? The symptoms are of teething. Due to pain and irritation in gums, the baby wants to chew everything whatever he/she gets. Even his/her thumb or fingers. Pressing over the gums gives relief from pain. Painful gums with fever makes the baby fussy and sleepless. Slight fever is a normal symptom, however high fever with diarrhea shouldn’t be neglected.

Does teething cause fever in babies is a common question in mind of every parent. Low grade fever during teething may be due to ear infection. New teeth ready to break out of the gums create pressure on the baby’s ear canal and sinus cavities. Due to this pressure in the tender ear of the baby, infection is stimulated. Fluid gets filled in ear canal, which causes bacterial infection in ear. The baby suffers from fever because of the infection.

High fever is not a normal during teething in infants of toddlers. In this case, you should be consult with the doctor. Some health problems like pain in gums, slight fever and diarrhea is associated with teething. But the problem should not last more than 1 or 2 days, otherwise proper care and treatment is necessary.

First of all the parents should recognize the symptoms whether the problem is related to teething or its anything else. High fever is not due to teething. It may be due to viral or bacterial infection, which must be treated by pediatrician.

To soothe the baby from gum’s irritation give him/her teething ring. Teething rings are made up of soft plastic and liquid is filled inside it, which makes it soft. Chewing it provides relief to the baby. Wet it in cold water or ice. Its cooling effect will soothe the baby even more. It will provide relief in the inflammation of gums. Chill a banana in refrigerator and give a slice of it to the baby to eat. Any cooling effect on the gums will soothe the baby. You can give a properly washed carrot also to chew. These pressures over the gums will relief in the baby’s gum irritation. But don’t give any small object to chew otherwise the baby can swallow it and it will be very dangerous.

If the weather allows, bathe the baby in lukewarm water to ease the body pain. If the weather is too cold, just give a sponge bath to the baby. Water should not be too hot or too cold. Clothing should be comfortable according to weather.