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Autism is a development disorder which starts from the time of birth of a child, or begins to show up within the first three years of the life of the child. It is basically a neurological disorder and changes the way the brain functions. It is a cause of difficulty for the affected person to learn certain skills normally routine in case of ordinary human beings. The severity of the symptoms and the time they first appear depend upon a person to person. This is also called spectrum disorder.

The general symptoms of spectrum autistic disorder are that delay in learning language by a child, he or she feels difficult to interact with others socially and often displays unusual behaviour. In extreme conditions some people may display impaired intellectual ability.

Dolphin therapy has been found useful for the children suffering from autistic disorder. Dolphin therapy lasts for about ten days. Each day the child swims or plays with dolphin for about thirty minutes, there after he watches dolphin show. When a child watches a dolphin doing different activities like singing, painting, playing with ball, rolling around and racing around in water on the command of the instructor, the child thinks that he can share these activities with the dolphin.

To communicate with the child dolphin uses bio energy. This is a vital energy and helps improve the alertness, awareness of the child and make him feel good. The interest of the child in the world around him and his alertness increases tenfold. The parents are able to experience the increased alertness in ten days. However, this therapy may continue up to one year and the child learns much more than he has learnt during the time spent in school and with the instructors.

The relationship and swimming with the dolphin make the child gain peace of mind. The hormones endorphin related with the happiness increase considerably and depressed feeling is reduced. Alpha waves produced by dolphin result in positive development in the brain. According to a study, ultrasound waves produced by the dolphin have healing effect on wounds. Sonar waves emitted by a dolphin have certain frequencies which help to stimulate the nerves and other organs of the human body and they start to develop normally.

One can conclude that dolphin therapy can help autistic children to a great extent by stimulating their mind and nerves. This is an alternate to the other therapies which should continue for treatment and development of the child suffering from autistism.