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Easy Non Gas and Non Cooking Recipes for KidsMany a time kids love to ape their moms in the kitchen especially when it comes to cooking food for it interests them to be able to prepare eats for everyone just like the elders. But each time you think of making them do that it scares the hell out of you as the thought of a sharp edged knife in their hands or having them turn the gas burner on could have shivers go down your spine if not more.

Cooking could be fun for kids only if it is practiced in the absence of dangerous objects or the dicey gas burner. As a matter of fact there are several recipes that do not involve any of that. Instead all you need is a little patience and in the bargain, your kids would know how to prepare the best tasting food within no time at all in the kitchen.

Sandwiches: Bread rolls with a blend of butter, jam, cheese and cucumber could taste wonders. It is one of the easiest ways to satisfy your hunger. All you need is three slices of bread. Between the first two slices spread a thick layer of butter and jam both, while between the other two layers apply butter and spread grated cheese and cucumber to make a complete club sandwich. Before clubbing them together you could also add a little sauce depending upon the requirement. This is the simplest recipe that makes you ask for more and more of it.

Banana Shake: A perfect blend of nutrition and taste is what out next recipe is all about. All you need is hand mashed bananas, a glass of milk and some vanilla essence. First make sure you blend the mashed bananas well in the mixer grinder. Hence that, pour a glass of milk and add a tablespoon full of sugar and churn again. Lastly add a few drops of the vanilla essence for the right flavor and repeat the process again. Within no time, you would have the tastiest banana split for a nice refreshing experience. You could also add some ice cubes depending upon the requirement to make it taste better.

Burger: Veggie burger at home! This is again something that kids all age simply can’t resist. All you need is a bun, some butter and jam and the leftover vegetable in the refrigerator. If there isn’t any, you could also try using a spread or chutney depending upon the availability. With your fingers slowly tear open the bun. Make sure you open it good enough to stuff all the required without a problem. Now slowly take a spoon and spread the butter-jam mixture in the interiors of the same. Once that’s done, take a spoon full of the leftover vegetable or chutney and carefully stuff it all in. Now your food is ready for a bite. You could eat it with some sauce for a better taste even though eating it all alone wouldn’t be bad idea too.

In the same way there are many more recipes that are non gas, non cooked and without use of knife to endanger your little ones at home. All you need is a perfect imagination and they would learn the art of cooking without a doubt. In fact while you are working in the kitchen you must allow the little ones to venture in, under your supervision, to inculcate the habit in them. It is always good for the kids to be able to help their parents in the kitchen whenever needed. This is also a nice way to bond with your family.