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magic tricks for kidsA rabbit that goes into a hat pops out in the form of a stole or a coin that enters someone’s pocket comes out from the other’s wallet. Don’t you think kids love magic? Don’t you feel they are amused by the world of the unknown? It is definitely not difficult to please them with magical tricks of any sort but the condition is that they are performed well. The presentation in such cases makes a lot of difference. Given below are certain simple trouble free tricks that can be practiced even at home to make your little one smile.

Which one is my card? This is one of the simplest tricks. In this case all you need is a pack of cards which you shuffle and divide into two equal halves. Now ask your child to pick up one without showing it to you and place it back on either of the two halves on your hands. Once you mix the two packs again, your child would think you’d not find his card without realizing the fact that you had already counted the two halves before segregating them all. And thus finding his card won’t be difficult at all. This way you’d become a hero in no time at all.

That thumb trick. Here’s an age-old trick that you can do anytime, anywhere. In a minute, you apparently pull your thumb apart and then put it back together again. Although, this is an old trap, but kids love it even today. No wonder they say, “old is certainly gold”.

Plastic ruler and paper clips. This one’s got science to it. Cut a piece of paper into several pieces and place them on a table. Then rub the plastic ruler against your hair and place it an inch away from the pieces of paper. Immediately, you will notice the pieces of paper clinging to the ruler amazing the little ones to the hilt.

There are many such tricks to amuse the kids, provided they are practiced well. This way they get to understand a lot of things happening around them. Try doing the above to entertain your innocent little children and see how happy their faces become, in the bargain.

You can teach these kind of easy and simple magic tricks to your kids after showing them. They will use these tricks to entertain and impress their friends. This is also a good way to build confidence in children.