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Eating disorders are a serious problem in children. If you don’t pay attention to them, they may cause danger to the life of your loved one. Many parents take it very lightly when children skip their meal but it is not a thing to be taken lightly. It may be that your child is witnessing some problem in the stomach or intestines. The casual attitude of parents increases the seriousness of this problem. Many parents are not even aware about eating disorders. The disorders mainly come into being in the pre-teen age and in the adolescent age. They begin with the habit of skipping one diet and grow with the passage of time.

Identifying the problem of eating disorder in children is not an easy task. Only loving and caring parents have the potential of detecting this problem. The sufferer of this disorder starts loosing weight in a dramatic way. Sometimes children vomit after eating meals on a regular basis. Recurrent vomiting causes the increase of cavities and cavities spoil the teeth. Sometimes, the acid of the stomach erodes the tooth enamel too.

Eating disorders can cause many digestive problems like heartburn, gastric problems, swelling in stomach and constipation. Eating disorders can cause serious dehydration too. The children with eating disorders lose their control over their lives

Eating disorders starts gradually. To overcome these a long period of treatment is required. Actually, when a child enters the teen age, he starts considering him a hero. To look like a hero or to become popular among the opposite sex, children start dieting. This is especially true in the case of girls. They become very choosy regarding what to eat and what not to eat. No doubt they can make their figure ideally proportionate in this way but dieting lessens the stamina of children.

It is the responsibility of the parents to guide children about the significance of eating at regular intervals. Parents should guide children about the importance of nutritious diet. Help of heath experts and teachers can also prove helpful in this regard. Teen age is the growing age. A child gains maximum height and weight in this age. If your child is suffering from eating disorder, it will hamper the natural growth process of your child. So, you as a conscious parent must be very careful about the diet of your champ.

You should cook food of your child’s choice. Always add some new variety and make your table attractive. Teenagers love to eat spicy food. Add some special food items of their selection. When you are packing lunch for your child, make it a point to pack nutritious and tasty food. Always pack some extra food for the friends of your child too. When friends appreciate his food, your child starts liking it too and eagerly waits for the recess time.