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After one gets married, the most important decision which has to be taken by any couple is about having a baby. While arriving at the decision as to when to have one, a woman has to keep in mind a number of factors. She has to consider about her life with a small kid, about leaving her work, may be temporarily, and sacrificing comforts in her life to bring up a child.

When you are in the process of taking this important decision of life, which is generally taken by almost all married couples at one point of time, it is important to keep in mind that bringing up a child is an art and needs a lot of study. With all the study material available on the net, and a lot of published literature available, parenting has become a specialised art. Parents have to keep in mind a number of factors about organising themselves and also making their child disciplined.

A line of communication has to be maintained between the parents and kids at all times. This level of communication and method of doing it varies with the age of the child and his or nature. For better parenting it is necessary to keep in mind some of the tips given below. By trying them it is quite possible that you turn out to be a better parent:

  • It will be better to start your day with a big smile. To keep yourself and the children happy for the day, keeping yourself smiling and happy will help a lot. The first thing you may need to do in morning is awakening your child. This is generally a difficult task. Children will always like to sleep. The best way to make them get up will be by calling them with a sing song voice and a smile on your face. Try this even if you are tired and irritated with something.
  • Another step essential for better parenting when you have school going kids is to ensure that your child goes to school with his stomach full. This way he will feel satisfied and will remain healthy. Feeding your child will enable you to establish communication with her and you can discuss her plans for the day and explain to her some facts necessary for her good upkeep and discipline.
  • The most important tip for better parenting is that you make your children realize that they are important in your life. The way you are able to express to them of their importance in your life depends upon the age of the child. You may put a love note in their tiffin box, or put a cookie loved by the child in the tiffin. There could be other ways to surprise your child. You could leave some money with the school office on your child’s birthday for a kid party. This way a line of informal communication will always remain open between you and the kid, and the child will feel more secure both at home and outside, resulting in overall development.
  • If possible, be at home to receive your child when he is back home after school, even if he comes to drop his bag and runs away to play with fellow kids. Knowing that you will receive him and will be ready to help in case of any need will install a sense of security in child.
  • Even if you are tired after day’s work, or irritated about anything, always discuss the day with your child in the evening or at any time before she goes to bed. This discussion could give you the opportunity to do some detective work. You can come to know about her friends and activities during the day. Communication, both fair and open, could result in early detection of the child going astray.
  • Most of the young kids find it difficult to complete home work. After the child has had rest, you should help her to complete homework. This way you will be able to understand about her progress in studies. Your active interest will install a sense of security in the child about studies and you can spot the weak areas.
  • Eat dinner as a family. Both parents and the child should eat dinner together. Encourage the child to participate in dinner preparations. If the child is too small, she can be asked to lay the table, if grown up she can be asked to help in cooking or cleaning vegetables etc. This will induce a sense of responsibility and belonging in the child.
  • Always be ready to listen to the difficulties and demands of the child. Never try to ignore the suggestions of the child or laugh at the suggestions. Spending time together and having open discussion with the participation of one and all will help in family bonding. Story telling at bed time can be another way of communication with the children.
  • Never forget to find time for yourself and your spouse. For better parenting you need to have time for yourself for your recreation and rejuvenation. Enjoy long hot water bath or reading books and novels of your choice in whatever free time is available. Whenever possible go out for dinner or walk with your spouse to keep the bonds intact, as both of you were alone together before you had the child, and you have to be same way after the child grows up and ready to move out.