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video games and children kidsMany of us have no clue of whether the video games that our children play have any effect on them or not. Some think they help them bust stress, improve hand-eye coordination and enhance their reflexes while others feel they are simply a waste of time. What unfortunately a lot of these people don’t have is information.

Get important info before purchasing a video game

The meaning of “first person” and “role playing” is still unknown in many circles despite the rising interest in the subject lately. To be an informed person when it comes to purchasing and allowing your children to play video games can be a very simple process. Learn and understand the terms to become a knowledgeable consumer.

First person and role playing are terms pertaining to the type of games in the market. In the first person sort of a video game the person in performance plays the character to such an extent that he feels every bit of the personality that is on screen. For example if he is a shooter, the joystick in his hands would feel like holding a gun and pressing the trigger whenever required. Role playing refers to simply playing of the role of the various characters made available by the makers of the game.

Difference between the animated and the real video games is that while in case of the former the characters appear to be in cartoon form unlike in the latter where they look real enough to match our actions on the screen. Hence make sure that the meaning of both is clear before buying the same.

The entertainment software rating board developed a standardized rating system that rests a code on the outside of a game package meant as a guideline, not as a recommendation, just like in case of movies, so keep this in mind when deciding on purchasing a video game. The various ratings as per the ESRB are EC, E, T, AO, M and RP which is highly beneficial in segregating the various types of video games available in the market these days.

Negative impact of violent video games on kids health

Performing violent actions in video games may be more conducive to children’s aggression than passively watching violent acts on television. Thus, more children practice aggressive acts, the more likely they are to perform them in real life as well. Some educational professionals, while allowing that video games permit children to engage in a creative dialogue, maintain that this engagement is highly unnatural compared to other activities, such as creative writing, etc. Addiction of video games in kids is increasing alarmingly these days.

Simulations, gaming, strategy are all the related terms that one must understand before investing in a video game so as to get the right thing every time. Simulations implies experiencing every event that occurs on screen as if it were happening for real while gaming refers to the various styles of games in the stores. Strategy is synonymous with the brain power used to successfully play all the games that are bought for the same.

It’s a must to indulge in video gaming for busting stress and enhancing eye-hand coordination which goes without saying. No wonder the blend of education and entertainment, that is edutainment, is soon picking pace in today’s fast moving life.