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Dreams are the inspiration for life, we all love to see good dreams. Then why should we discourage the dreams of our children? Let them grow by seeing dreams. Your child may dream about his/her future and about his professional life. Don’t discourage them. Some parents may not give importance to the dreams of their child. But it is essential to encourage it. If the child thinks that his/her parents give importance to dreams and respect them, this will be very encouraging for them. So, you should not discourage them or mock them whatever may be their dreams.

Parents should bring their children to the library and present them a book. Later, it will become a habit of him. He/she will show interest to travel in the imaginary world of books.

Your child may have the ability to write stories or poems or they can sing, dance, etc well. They will definitely expect encouraging words from their parents. If you discourage them and scold them for wasting the precious time for learning, this will hurt their mind deeply and it may filled with the hatred towards you.

You should always keep in mind that you should not discourage or mock them when they display their skills. You should prepare a stage for your child to express his abilities. You should arrange an audience for him/her by gathering relatives, neighbours and friends. If the child feels that his/her parents are recognising his/her skills, this will be the biggest motivation for him/her to deliver the best.

Don’t pester them to do this and do that. In a family, parents should be the role models for the child. You should show him/her the way they should grow up. Instead of implementing laws and regulations for them, you should show them by doing yourself by putting an example or ideal. Then your children will start following you. This way you can make them a responsible child.

You can bring them for an outing or a picnic as an encouragement for keeping the house clean. In such a way, your child will learn the importance of cleanliness in his/her life.

The child psychologists tell that the most important thing to motivate the children is parents should not fight each other in front of their children. If the father and mother have any discrepancy in their opinions they should discuss it within themselves. If you allow your child to witness it, it will evoke negative vibrations in the minds of your children. So, this should not be encouraged in a family.

In a nut shell, when you are bringing up your child a good, responsible citizen, you are also changing yourself.