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Each child has different views on cleanliness. While some are really particular about cleanliness others can be least bothered. Tolerance towards unorganised and untidiness is mostly developed by the atmosphere at home and sometimes genetic.

The best way to get the children to be organised and clean is to coach them up from childhood. They should be given little tasks initially and appreciated for doing it correctly. Kids of school going age should be able to tidy up rooms if they share it with their younger ones.

Here is guide to make the kids to tidy up their rooms:

Guide the kids’ particularly the younger ones as to what is meant by tidiness and what is not. For example tucking away the toys under the bed or dumping the toys in the closet may make the room appear neat and clean but actually its not.

Explain to the child the need for the room to clean and tidy. They should be made understand that it’s easier to find everything right from their school books to toys in a fraction of second if the room is organized and tidy. When the kids realize the benefits of tiding then they would definitely do it automatically without supervision.

Teach the child to clean up the room: Some kids may want to clean up but may not know how to get the things organized. So its better to demonstrate to them how and what all should be cleaned up, how to put away their stuffs and use the cleaning supplies to clean up the dirt. However the parents must ensure that they let the children handle only the non toxic cleaning materials.

Mark of maturity: Children would be tempted to clean up their room if they are told it’s a sign of maturity and being responsible for themselves. Once they prove themselves then they could have the privilege like staying out late with friends and attending parties, driving etc.

Incentives for good behavior: A good way to boost up the child’s morale and encourage them to continue to maintaining the room clean and tidy is to reward them. They could be given verbal praise or a handwritten note or drive to their favorite place or chance to have their favorite food/drink etc.
Once the kids learn to tidy up their room, then they could be additional job of cleaning up their bathroom as well. This will help to learn to keep their place neat and clean and have least tolerance towards dirt and unclean atmosphere.