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It is very common for parents to buy a number of health drinks for their children. Parents purchase these drinks regardless of their price and force their children to finish it completely. Sometimes, if a doctor suggests juice to the child, parents prefer to purchase packed juice from the market as it saves time and energy both. The child due to the attractiveness of the packing also likes it much.

Now let’s discuss the benefits and demerits of energy drinks. Let’s starts from the negative aspects. The energy drinks contain caffeine and high fructose content. High fructose content can cause obesity and caffeine is harmful for the growth of bones-if both these substances are taken in high quantities. For petty benefits producers of heath drinks often sacrifice quality. They use low quality fruits for making drinks and avoid law of the land. It is surprising that beside all the ill effects of health drinks, these drinks register good sales.

These drinks give children instant energy. A child starts thinking that if one pack can make him feel good, 3 or 4 packs can definitely make him a superhero. The intake of caffeine in large quantity can cause arousal, irritability, nervousness and uneasiness. It also creates restlessness and the child can face problem in taking sound sleep. Sleep is very crucial for a child to grow as it has been scientifically proven that a child grows much faster when he sleep in a sound and accurate manner.

The health drinks are the weakness of adults too. When we get tired from our heavy work routine, we prefer to consume some health drink for replenishing our energy. It is caffeine that gives us instant energy. 8 oz energy drink contains 80 mg of caffeine. The effect of caffeine varies from individual to individual.

It is a frequently asked question that if a health drink contains caffeine equivalent to a cup of coffee then what is wrong in consuming it. There is nothing wrong in consuming a health drink. The problem is the quantity factor. As an elder it is very easy for us to decide our limit to only taking one health drink in a day but it is very difficult to bind child in numbers.

Children want to drink 3-4 or more packs if the health drinks are easily assessable to them. High degree of caffeine in the body can even cause heart problems and palpitations. So as a parent it is your duty to bind your child to only one health drink a day. Find some attractive substitute to cool health drinks, it will be good for your pocket too.

Tell your child about the ill effects of caffeine. Parents are the role models of a child. If you stop consuming drinks, your child will automatically reduce the number of his heath drinks too. Have a preference only to safe energy drinks, preferably juices.