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Today TV has entered the bedroom of every house hold. It is a pass time not only for kids but for elders also. People of all ages get some or the other programme being telecast according to their taste. Though different channels telecast different programmes some of them are quite educative. Children are often interested in watching cartoon shows in particular.

This way there are chances that the child gets addicted to TV. It becomes difficult to alter this habit and in later life, effects studies. Parents should ensure that their children are not get glued to TV shows, however, if they are to watch TV shows they should tune in to informative programmes teaching craft work or other educative programmes showing animals life in jungles or how people in different parts of the world eat and live.

Children should be discouraged from watching too much TV instead they should be encouraged to do some other things. Teach your child to help you. According to age the child may be asked to help you in cooking, laying the table for dinner or may be asked to clean sofa sets in the room or to water the plants. This way the child will develop the habit of helping you in household activities.

Depending upon the weather the child should be taken to a public park to play with you and other children. This way he will learn to be social and develop the habit of sharing toys etc. with others. It will be fun and refreshing both for you and your child if you go out for a drive and have picnic, stuff a bag with eatables and stop over in a park where your child can run around, play with a ball and eat when hungry. This will help increase affection in the family and will also give much needed exercise to your kid.

In addition to recreation the child should be encouraged to read books. Buy your child some books for his age and in the beginning fix reading time. This will increase his learning capability which will help him in later life. If there are some sports clubs nearby the child should be admitted there. While playing with other children of his age, or younger or older to him, he will learn how to deal with people of different ages and will get much needed regular body exercise necessary for healthy development.