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Excessive Drooling In BabiesIt is very common and normal for an infant to drool. A growing baby can drool any time even while  sleeping, but after getting maturity the child will be able to control or take care of secretions. A normal child don’t drool in sleep or getting awake. But the children with neurological disorder can have problem in making their nerves and muscles to work properly. The problem in swallowing saliva can be seen frequently in the children at the older ages. The drooling can irritate the skin, face, neck and chest and the child feel more embarrassed.

What causes excessive drooling in babies ?

If a toddler is drooling excessively, there may be some main causes like, allergic rhinitis, damaged to swallowing structures, enlargement of tonsils and adenoids, entrance of foreign body,  epiglottitis, owing to ingestion of caustic substance, nasal polyps, oral trauma, severe tonsillitis, bacterial rhino sinusitis, tooth decay, baby teething, midline nasal masses, viral rhino sinusitis, cerebral palsy.

  • There is constant spitting.
  • The child can spit out nausea and vomiting.
  • There may be difficulty in feeding and discomforts may be felt.
  • The difficulty in speech may be seen.
  • Depression in the quality of life.
  • Dehydration and weight loss is experienced.
  • Halitosis is experienced.
  • Feeling bad in the midst of gathering.
Treatment to stop excessive drooling

This disease can be treated in different ways to get relief. The speech therapy is the best treatment to solve the problem. The therapist can aid the child to close the lips to move the saliva to the back of the mouth to swallow. It is best way to correct the way to swallow the saliva easily without any difficulty.

Body posture and position get improved in the process. Certain medicines are very effective to control the nervous system named as autonomic system. The medication can be given to make less saliva to help regulate urine output and stomach emptying. A pill named Robinul can be given by mouth which may bring mood change or sleepiness. The scopolamine is available in patches which can be a little costly because the patch can be reused. Artane and cogentin are available in liquid or table form to be taken twice daily to cure this problem.

Surgery is the last solution to treat this disease. Laser therapy is used these days to cure the ailment. Radiotherapy can be used to destroy part of the saliva glands in severity but it should be avoided in children. Mouth ulcers and glandular infections can be treated with antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drugs effectively and the experienced should be consulted in this regard.

Prevention and Precautions

There are many home remedies to stop normal baby drooling like, postural and training behavior can stop the child to drool. Try to maintain good oral hygienic habits like cleanliness and brushing properly. Avoid highly sour and sweet foods or drinks to prevent excessive saliva secretions. Make the child to develop eating habits with good posture and good drinking skills to prevent this ailment.