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The way children understand their surrounding is different to that of adults. Something makes them over joyful whereas something makes them over depressed. This type of mood swing is very normal in children. But we should know the difference between mood swing and any disorder like mania and depression.

Sudden behavior change and prolonged or extreme mood swing may be childhood onset bipolar disorder (COBPD). In this case the child has extremely high and extremely low behavior in terms. It can be many times a day. Generally mood remains very low in morning and very high, full of energy in evening. It happens due to over responsive sensory stimulator. Other reason may be chemical imbalance in neurotransmitters of brain, which regulates endorphin. This is the chemical responsible for positive mood. One more reason may be any bitter experience which left behind its impact. Family history also affects. Alcoholism either from maternal or paternal side may be cause of COBPD.

Apparent transition of mood from depression to other bipolar mood states is exhibited in the case of COBPD. The child behaves passively and violently. According to severity of the disorder symptoms are exhibited. The symptoms of disorder depending on its rapidness may be following:

  • Sleep disturbance
  • Persistent sadness
  • Hyperactivity
  • Restlessness
  • High level of anxiety and anger
  • Impulsiveness, etc.

This disorder is associated with other problems also. Obviously the child has to face social problems. The child finds it difficult to interact with others, even with the friends. Often learning problem is also seen. Some other psychiatric disorders can also develop, like attention deficit/hyper activity disorder (ADHD), Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) etc.

All mood swings are not disorder. Tender mind of children couldn’t cope up with problems surrounding, then mood swing is normal. Knowing the symptoms of disorder we can differentiate it from mood swing. Mood swing depends upon the environment in which the child is living. Here health of the child also matters. Mental health depends on general physical health. Therefore children need nutritious diet and proper care of health in their growing age.

In early age look and personality is a reason of mood swing. When a child with inferior look is not being loved by people, it causes depression and mood swing in the child.
Sometimes not being any reason it is inherited by parents or grand parents.

Unhealthy sleeping habit makes the child irritable and idle which causes mood swing. Both inadequate sleep and excess sleep are reason of unhealthy mental status.

If the environment in which the child lives is heavy, dull and unhappy the child can’t balance resulting in mood swing. Uncooperative and very strict parents make the child irritable. When in school the environment is very strict and learning is not pleasure, but its too difficult the child gets irritated.

How to handle the child is a matter of concern in this situation. When it seems that the problem is severe, get the child diagnosed and start treatment as the doctor’s advice. According to doctors its not a disease and hence no conventional remedy is suggested. Management like therapy with medicines of depression and anxiety is enough. Most powerful way to take care of this problem is love and affection to the child.