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The meaning of the word thrive is to grow or flourish and failure of the same causes a lot of health hazards for little ones in life ahead. A baby sometimes fails to thrive from as soon as before the first twelve months of his birth. Therefore the right treatment for it greatly rests upon his age and other health facts.

A baby could stop growing naturally and normally due to various reasons known and unknown. Primarily the little one may fail to grow because of his inadequate diet which could be deprived of nourishment. When the little one doesn’t eat well or take the required amount of food intake he could start slowing the rate of his growth.

Medical growth charts always prove to be beneficial in this respect to know where your baby stands in terms of healthy growth and getting adequate nourishment both. Its is this chart which helps us give the right food to our babies so that they grow to be strong and sturdy always. Many a time when breast fed babies show lack of growth and improvement in their health, it could again be due to the kind of food that they take including mother’s milk which several times isn’t enough.

Breast fed ones always face a problem when it comes to failing to thrive for then is when the parent is asked to begin giving top feed to the baby so that his food intake betters in future giving him a healthy body. As a parent one must be sure of the number of times you change your little one’s diapers and nurse him so that you know what the health status of your little one is.

Most of the time, intestinal disorders cause failure to thrive in babies making them weak and fragile. They may be unable to digest the milk and other food products that they eat or drink which could prove quite lethal in some cases. There may also be a case where the baby isn’t fed well or nursed enough by his mother so as to fail him thrive. So, care should be taken by the mother that she is giving him the right amount of food irrespective of anything happening around her to have a healthy baby.

Also, in case of twins’ triplets or premature babies failure to thrive generally happens when they are either too many or too weak to take care of. Special attention should be paid to such little ones and the right amount of food or milk should be fed so as to have them grow well and good.

Respiratory illnesses also fail to help a baby eat or drink naturally and normally. Under such circumstances they should be given the right treatment so that their nasal passage gets cleared helping them eat and drink well.

Proper care and attention always help babies to grow well. Even when they are still at the hospital immediately after their birth, parents should take extra care of what and how much they eat so that we have less number of babies failing to thrive in future. It’s always about the right food that your baby should take once he opens his eyes to the whole new world.