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Fireworks are the expression of joy and festivity around the world. May it be marriage ceremonies, birthdays, parties, opening and closing of game events, festivals, independence day, republican day or any event of happiness, firework adds a magnificent exquisiteness to all occasions. Fireworks not only catch the attention of children but also of the adults. They are a magnet for the persons of every age group and every strata of society. But many times this ecstasy turns into painful unfortunate accidents. Many children and adults too get injured from fireworks because of their negligence. In many countries National Council on Fireworks Safety, set guidelines on this serious play as well.

Many times people ignite fireworks in their hands to show their courageousness. I know many persons who love to dance under the colorful sparkling of crackers. To prove themselves bold, people light fireworks without any watchfulness. These adventurous acts may invite injuries. Most of the injuries involve the hands, eyes and head. The most serious aspect of this problem is that more than 50% victims of firework injuries are children under the age of 15 years.

As ideal and loving parents, it is your duty to guide your precious child about the methods of using fireworks safely. Children should be allowed to use crackers only under the close supervision of parents. Parents should buy only harmless crackers for younger children. Only the branded fireworks with a warning label explaining the safety measures and instructions should be purchased. Government permitted fireworks should be given preference. Fireworks like shells and mortars, multiple tube devices, roman candles, rockets, sparkles, snakes, ground spinners, helicopters, fountains etc. are safe crackers for the normal consumers.

You should be very careful when you are going to buy fireworks. Do not purchase the leftovers from previous years. Sometimes the sellers put up for sale previous year crackers on lesser rates and people purchase these to save money. But it is hazardous.

You should keep some important tips in mind when your child is playing with fireworks. First of all you should keep a bucket of water close to you for emergency. Guide your child properly before giving him fireworks. Igniting fireworks in an open place is very necessary. The place of using fireworks should be away from dry grass, leaves and other combustible objects. You should keep extra crackers away from the lighting spot. Sometimes children are in the habit of putting crackers in their pocket. Curb this type of negligence.

Always prefer to wear cotton clothes when playing with crackers. Children should also wear footwear of heavy sole at the time of lighting fireworks. Avoid lighting fireworks in glass or metal containers. Sometimes, the fireworks that a child lights become a dud. Avoid relighting them.

Have fun but always keep safety of your child on your priority. The life of your child is very precious for you so obey all the instructions when your child is going to light fireworks.