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Though each and every home needs a first aid kit full of basic medicines, in a home where there are children, this is very essential. The medicines stored in it should cover different remedies often needed for the children.

The most likely injury the children suffer is minor injury resulting in peeling of the skin or minor bleeding due to fall while playing or running around. When your child suffers from such an injury, wash the affected part with clean running water, and after drying, apply some antiseptic cream. If need be, band aid or lint should be tied on the effected part.

Excessive loss of water from the body due to exposure to hot weather or sun is another common problem faced by children living in areas where temperature goes up considerably. If your kid is exposed to excess heat and expresses feeling of lifelessness, when home immediately give lot of liquid to the child to drink. In case of sunstroke due to exposure to hot sunny weather, a bath in cold water will help but intake of cold water or some refreshing drink will be helpful. In extreme cases take the child to a medical expert.

If you live in a hilly area where there are a large number of weeds there are chances of the child touching some plants which can cause extensive rash to the body or the effected part may become itchy. In such a case the child needs to bathe with running clean water. You can also apply some mild soap to the affected parts. Ensure to change all the clothes of the child including shoes and wash them properly. After bath apply Calamine lotion to the affected parts. This lotion needs to be part of the first aid kit. This can be applied on minor bruises.

Insect sting is also common in children. Some children try to get hold of insects and in this process get stung. Some of the insects are poisonous while others are not so poisonous. If after sting child gets rashes or swelling and  symptoms of dizziness, take him to medical specialist immediately. In case of sting by honey bee immediately proceed to remove the sting from the body of the child and apply ice pack on the affected part for about 15 minutes. Administering some anti allergic tablet or syrup may be helpful.

Children often develop sore throat or a cold during cool weather. It is essential that some medicines suitable to the child of a particular age, which can be given to your child, as approved by the doctor, be kept handy. This way you will not have to rush time and again for medical help. Similarly medicine such as paracetamol needed to reduce fever should be available in the first aid kit for the children. Ensure that allergic reaction gets immediate medical attention.