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The first child of any parent is always quite pampered and showered with undivided attention, so at times these tiny bundles of joy tend to get spoiled and demanding. Parents fulfill their each and every wish because they love them more than anything else and another reason for the same is parents lack of experience while bringing up the first born.

As the birth order of children in a family is a major deciding factor of their characteristics. So, many a times the first born child don’t develop required sense of discipline and moreover if they remain the only child then his/her dependence on the parents is also increased.

In other case if the first child is blessed with a sibling then some of the following characteristics can be noticed in them, which are commonly known as first born child syndrome.

Strange Behavior after second baby is born

After the arrival of the sibling the first born might become envious of the new baby and might show some strange behavior like keeping quiet most of the times, keeping away from the parents or get irritable, but it will only be a starting phase. As the time passes, the (elder) child develops a bond of love and affection with the newly arrived sibling baby in the home. However, because the elder child is also in a very young age, he or she may sometimes feel a sibling rivalry during bad mood.

Responsibility Factor

Slowly the first born starts realizing his responsibilities regarding the sibling and starts identifying with the expectations of his/her parents and tries his/her best to deliver it in the most proper way which at times is harmful for them as in order to please the parents he/she might try to do those things which are actually beyond his/her capacity and age. He/she also starts protecting his/her sibling.

Lesson of Independence

When a second child arrive then parents presume him/her to follow the traits of the elder sibling but in most of the cases it never happens as the second one gets quite different kind of treatment by the parents. By and by the first child also learns to manage independently and starts experiencing the sense of fulfillment and confidence.

Reflection of Upbringing

Usually the first born child learns to control their lives at very early stage of life, so it also reflects in their choices in future as they rather go for business, law or co-operation in business kind of career options, they are go-getters, realistic and blunt negotiators. The first born kids usually choose any last born as their better half in order to satisfy their need of protecting someone and their mate’s need of feeling pampered and protected.