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Health is an important and the best asset one can possess in life. If the child is healthy he will most likely grow up to be a healthy adult. It is essential for the parents to motivate the child from the day he starts understanding the importance and benefits of being healthy. During these times when television, computer and video games have become common and the children are attracted to them, it is essential that some time must be fixed for outdoor activity to enable the child to get regular exercise.

The parents should fix fitness activities and rules to enable the child to get sufficient exercise necessary for building muscles and for overall development. The simple rules in this regard can be:

  • The time for which the child can watch TV or play with video or other indoor games should be fixed. It is better that, in consultation with the child, a time table is drawn up for all days of the week fixing the time for studies, games and recreation. The parents should ensure that this time table is followed strictly. Make sure that during play time the child gets maximum exercise.
  • As far as possible the whole family should go in for a joint outing, long walks, jogging or swimming. In addition, if possible, the whole family should get involved in some game. This will not only give encouragement to the kid to exercise on a regular basis but will also improve the family bond.
  • Kids often get bored by routine. If a child is asked to follow the same routine daily he will try to avoid going for outing on one pretext or the other. It is essential that the routine be often changed. Some day the child may go for cycling, another day he can be taken swimming or for jogging or for a game like football or cricket. If possible the cycle may be loaded in the car and the child should be taken for playing in different parks nearby. This way the child will remain interested.
  • Competition amongst children is a source of encouragement. Encourage your kid to bring his friends for a game. Also the children living nearby can collect at a fixed time for games. When the children are together they will run around vigorously or play together in the garden competing with other children and will get maximum exercise.
  • If circumstances allow you, keep a pet. Keep a dog at your home and fix the duty of the kid to take the dog for a walk in the morning and evening. This will fix a routine. Even if the child is not willing someday the pet will force him to go for a walk.

Along with exercise nutritious and balanced food is a must and should be taken care of.