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A study has been done on the sleep disorder of children. According to the study, sleep disorder or insomnia in children is often caused by food allergies. The incidents of allergic reaction of the food causing insomnia are not known for sure, but this disorder is often experienced by children under the age of five years.

According to studies, certain other disorders are associated with food allergic insomnia. In case of children suffering from food allergies, if the specific food is discontinued for three weeks, about 98% of the disease vanished and the child was able to sleep normally. Some children suffering from insomnia also display aggressive behaviour, or impaired school performance and other disorders relating to behaviour.

Some babies cry all night and do not sleep. These are the children suffering from this disorder. While trying to comfort them by moving from side to side with the baby in your arms, you get tired but the baby does not sleep. Some will suggest that the baby is colic but this is not that simple. The baby may not be colic but may be suffering from insomnia due to food allergies.

Many children are allergic to cow milk. First of all the child will try to avoid drinking milk but if made to most likely he will be getting allergic reaction from it. In addition to insomnia the child will display other symptoms such as shortness of breath, stomach upset and vomiting and the baby will have sleepless night. When the baby is allergic to cow milk, the immune system will fight this protein and the problem starts and he becomes fussy and unable to sleep. Being allergic to milk does not mean that the child is lactose intolerant.

If the child is allergic to cow milk in all likelihood you will have to stop to supply all dairy products to the child. The doctor will readily suggest alternate feed to your child. This may be soya milk. On consuming soya milk the child will not display any symptoms.

It is possible that your child is allergic to some other food items also. You will be the best judge to ascertain which item of food is causing insomnia in the child. If after feeding the child on that item he feels restless and does not sleep as a natural reaction he is restless. That particular thing needs to be avoided. There is no cause of worry for as the child grows up, may be by the age of five, things will be normal.