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Fragile X syndrome or Martin Bell Syndrome is a condition not a disease. Though some experts argue and want it to be termed as a disease, it has been accepted as a medical condition. Fragile X condition is a genetic disorder and can pass through generations to any child. It can have an effect on the child of any race or of any ethnicity. Actually Fragile X condition is grounded in expansion of a single trinucleotide gene sequence on X chromosome.

Due to this the protein coded by FMR1 gene fails to articulate in proper way. Thus the consequence is the abnormal neural development. FMR1 gene is requisite to brain cells for appropriate functioning. This causes many developmental imperfections in brain that lead to mental retardation. It also a fact that this Fragile X Syndrome affects girls more than boys, almost all over the world.

Symptoms: IQ level of a child suffering from Fragile X Syndrome is below average. Some children even fall in very low IQ category, which is a great pain for their parents. There are many other problems like lack of speech clarity, poor eye vision, hand biting or hand waving. Destructive propensity also can hit the child with Fragile X Syndrome. The Fragile X Syndrome affected child is not as social or emotional as a normal child. He is hesitant to develop relations with others. The facial features of Fragile X Syndrome affected child are also drawn out. In some cases the size of ears also expand abnormally.

Another sad fact is that there is no defined treatment of Fragile X Syndrome available till date. Many therapies are available but they are not definitive and vary a lot. To treat these patents it is very important to know the family history of the Fragile X Syndrome affected child. As it is a multifaceted disease so comprehensive treatment is required for good and steady results. Language therapy, verbal communication therapy, psychiatric therapy, behavioral therapy etc are suggested to that child. Ayurved, the Indian medicinal system, also claims to cure this condition with a variety of herbs and other medicinal plants.

Whatever the treatment, it should go along with the school education. Appraisal of the growth of Fragile X Syndrome affected child is necessary at regular intervals. As the child needs special care, special classes can also be arranged for him. But it is necessary to keep him in the company of normal children, as that would help him restore his health easily.

The laws of all various nations direct schools not to discriminate while giving admissions to children on IQ basis, especially in the case of children with Fragile X Syndrome. It is very important for parents that they give a normal life to such a child. However, the progress that the child is making should be evaluated frequently. If they need additional help in coping with their studies, it should be provided through special education.