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After school, books and homework, children want to relax in their own way, playing or any fun activity which they enjoy to do. May be indoor or outdoor, with friends or even alone, whatever it may be. This is called free play, and every child must play or spend some times freely after their daily chores.

This is the era of TV and video games, but every time watching TV or playing video game is not good for both physical and mental development.

Every parent wants their children to be best and perfect. They want their children to sing, to dance, to play basket ball, tennis and other games, to make drawings, paintings, and even to be topper in their class. And obviously for this they join different coaching classes. This hectic schedule makes them tired and stressful. So after this children need a completely free time without the binding of any rule and regulation just to play and enjoy and do whatever they want to do.

Free play therapy activities for children are not formula based. The children make their own rules according to their necessity and demand of the group. If any problem comes they discuss with each other and solve it themselves. Often they quarrel, even a good fight too but get it resolved themselves. Next day they are again ready to play with. In this way they learn to think freely and creatively. Their communication skill develops. They learn about social behavior.

Often children neglect to whatever they are taught to do or not to do, by their parents, teachers or any elder one. They do exactly what they are forbidden to. So during play sometimes they injure themselves or make some other harm. Let them to experience it. The effect of their experience will be so strong that they will keep it in their mind for ever. But just to experience they should not be allowed to indulge in any dangerous activity. Don’t interfere unnecessarily in their free play but keep watch, so that to prevent them from any major harm.

While playing any problem comes, they apply the concepts they have learned earlier and even use their own concept too, to get the problem solved. When they handle the situation themselves, it builds their confidence, and gives them internal pleasure. Here their critical thinking skill comes out. Here the parents really learn the personality and lesser known qualities of their children.

There is no pressure to perform well in free play. They just enjoy, whatever the activities they are doing. Every time a competitive attitude is not good for children. Healthy competition is not bad, but children can’t understand what is good and what is bad. So let them play freely without the tension of performing well. Playing without tension sometimes works as medicine for an overburdened and overstressed child.