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Exercise is an important aspect for development of the child. At different stages of growth, toddlers need different exercises to tone up muscles and build bones. When too young to move or walk, the child vigorously move arms and legs when he gets up in the morning after sound sleep and when feeling happy. When he grows up and starts walking, running or playing other games, it gives necessary exercise for the proper development of bones and to provide strength to the muscles.

The mother should plan the fun activities of the child in a manner that not only is it a source of fun but also imparts learning and is a source of education. Safety should be monitored at all times.

The activities can be classified into indoor activities and outdoor activities.

Depending upon the age of the child, different indoor activities can be selected. The child can be taught how to draw objects and color them. When the child draws an object this provides a source of entertainment to him as he gets appreciation from parents. When coloring the object, try to make the child realise that the color should not go out of the object outline. This will help the child develop control on movement of hand. The child will learn and have fun. While buying crayons or other coloring material ensure that these are non toxic, so that the child is not harmed even if he accidently puts them in his mouth.

There are a number of indoor games available in stores. These include building blocks, plastic toys which can be assembled to make various shapes or engineering sets which can be used by the child to make small bridge by using nuts and bolts. These will be a source of fun and learning for your child.

Outdoor activities play a very important role in the healthy development of muscles and bones. When the child runs around he gets necessary exercise. To begin with, when the child is too young to play any regular game, the mother can play ball game with the child. A soft ball should be thrown towards the child for him to catch and throw back towards the mother. This way the child will learn sense of direction while having fun. The child should be encouraged to play games which involve a lot of running which is necessary to make him healthy. The toddler should be taken to some public playground to enable him to play with other children on swings or seesaw. This will enhance his social skills as well.

Encourage the child to learn brushing teeth, and maintaining personal hygiene so that it is not burdensome for the child but is also a fun.