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Beaches are the places where people go to enjoy themselves. People of all ages enjoy different activities like sun bathing or going swimming in the sea, bathing, fishing or racing in new age vehicles. Those living near the sea line often go out with children for a day out enjoying doing different things, each according to their choice, and eating before coming back home refreshed and recharged.

Those parents who have children and access to the beach can plan different activities for children to make the day enjoyable. Going out for a picnic is a fun for all. It will be good to make some delicious food which all the members of the family like. The children should be involved in the cooking process to increase the excitement. Once the food is ready it should be packed in a box and ample drinks for people of all ages should be kept alongside. Keep some cans of fruit juices for children. Stuff these in the car, take along some thick linen and proceed to the beach.

At the beach you can ask the children to run around playing with their companions. Take them for a swim and boating. Remember always to accompany the child while performing activities in or near the water. These can sometimes become unsafe if there is high tide or the child goes far off from sea shore in deep water. Slightly older children can form a group to play some ball games or swim around. If the facility of boating is available let them organise a competition. After some time call the child for refreshments and the whole family can sit down and enjoy food and drinks.

If permitted, you can make a bonfire and roast some marshmallows or even meat and enjoy the evening. The children can be asked to collect shells of different shapes and sizes. They can also collect some different coloured smooth stones often found on beaches. The child collecting the best or maximum number of shells can be rewarded. You can carry a book on sea plants and animals and the children should be taught about them. They can be asked to try to locate them around them or on the ocean surface.

Always remember that the beaches are for enjoyment of one and all. It is the moral duty of everyone to keep them clean. Teach this to the children, they should consider it as their responsibility not to throw any waste material on the beach. Instead total waste should be collected and dumped properly or loaded back in your car for disposal at the appropriate place.