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Fun Ideas to Please Picky Eater KidsHave you got a picky eater in your house? I guess, most of us do! Cooking for kids who are too finicky about their food choices is not that easy. So, we have formulated some good strategies with fun that pleases your kid and at the same time turn your dinner time less-hassle. Use the following two part essential kitchen supplies to whip up a healthy meal for your child every day.

1. Build up your kitchen stocks:

There are some interesting yet kid-friendly kitchen tools and supplies that will definitely help you sell your dinner without any trouble!

Egg-cup: Buy the egg cups that can hold hard or soft boil eggs. If the shape and design of the egg cup is attractive, there will be a pleasant eating experience for your child. However, a simple serving of a hard/soft boiled egg in this egg cup will provide that day’s protein for your child.

Skewers and toothpicks: Try to use different exciting ways to prepare the regular dinner recipes for your kids. You can create a different feel and texture in all food with the help of these assorted spears. Try to grill whole fruits, chopped vegetables or cubed cheese in the skewers and serve them with a toothpick. Your child will be so excited to explore his dinner palate.

Slippery parchment paper: Baking fish in a parchment paper is a brilliant idea. However, there is one more advantage in using this parchment paper. Arrange assorted vegetables (sliced carrots, zucchini, snow peas, yellow squash etc) in the parchment paper. Season the veggies with salt and pepper. Squeeze some lemon juice on top of the veggies. Wrap the parchment paper with veggies similar to a sandwich wrap and bake these mini-veggie packets for about 7-10 minutes. Now, surprise your kids by presenting these “veggie presents” in the dinner table. Watch your kids unwrapping these mini-veggie packets with their eyes wide-open!

Bright-colored small glasses: Its surprising to know that all kids have difficulty in accepting one huge portion of food item. So, give them their snacks and even their drinks in small cups that are in eye-catching colors. Kids love to drink their milk in 2 small shot glasses rather than in one standard size cup. It’s all about unusual presentation.

Chopsticks and takeout boxes: For a change, you can serve the dinner using the chopsticks and take out containers. For extra fun, ring the doorbell before the dinner time and say, “Dinner delivery”! Basically, chopsticks can be used at any meal time for eating any food item in order to revolutionize the victory rate of your kid’s dinner. For easy maneuvering, wrap a rubber band on the ends of the chopsticks.

Handy flashlight: When your kid is not really in a mood to eat his dinner, you can do a trick with the flashlight. Turn off all the lights. In one hand, arm your little warrior with a flashlight. Let him have a fork in his other hand. Now, let him attack the iniquitous dinner leftovers with his fork!! It’s fun for him and success for you at the same time.

Parfait: Offering yogurt to your child in his regular bowl cup won’t really attract him. Just make a yogurt parfait by arranging layers of corn bread (or any kind of bread), yogurt and chocolate chips in layers and finish the parfait with a dash of whipped cream and a cherry. You will be surprised to see his excitement in finishing his parfait!

Straws: Straws may be of any shape or any color. Buy some straight, swirly and colorful straws and stock it up in your kitchen. These straws will turn all your kid’s drinks more fun and drinkable. Make sure you store these fun straws in a glass pot on the kitchen countertop.

Weekday restaurant night: Place your kid’s dinner plate on one of your deluxe, yet colorful tablecloth and faint the overhead lights. Just mimic the ambiance of a restaurant. Also, light up some fragrant candles and tell him that it is a weekday restaurant night (at home). Such sudden change in the ambiance might get the kids feel adventurous. Your child won’t concentrate much on finding fault with the food. Instead, he will enjoy the dinner and eat his food without any complaint. Our atmosphere sure makes a difference in eating.

2. Mix and Match Meals:

When it comes to kid’s dinner, it’s all about choosing the right combination of food.  Just balance the protein, carbohydrates and vegetables while cooking your kid’s dinner or lunch to offer him a healthy and flavorsome meal.
For protein, go for cheese sticks, chicken tenders, canned tuna, tofu hot dogs, peanut butter, beans or eggs.
For healthy carbohydrates, go for oats, sweet potatoes, whole grain pasta, rice or wheat noodles, brown rice or multi-grain bread varieties.
For vegetables, go for Baby carrots, avocados, spinach, cherry tomatoes, salsa or broccoli.

Pick one from each of these healthy category and in a few minutes you can whip up  a healthy and delicious meal for your child.