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kids gardeningGardening is one of the many ways of bonding with your kids. Teaching your child to help you in the garden is an educational experience for all we know. Gardening is a wonderful hobby and requires a whole lot of patience, dedication and a certain level of interest that goes without saying. Once your kids grow to an age when they can understand the meaning and importance of the trees and the plants around, you must try inculcating the hobby of gardening in them.

Educate them on the various greens before starting the whole process of teaching them gardening. Make sure you differentiate between a kitchen garden and the rest. If you think you wish to tutor him on the various vegetables that he eats everyday, you could start with the kitchen garden first. Ask him to watch you practice digging and sowing before doing the same himself. It won’t be a bad idea to let him refer to his course book with the chapter on the vegetables open, to learn everything better.

Gear him up with the right clothes and tools before getting into the soil for some fun at work. There are various stores which are over flowing with the gardening kit for the kids. Once you know whatever is required, be sure of buying it before beginning the classes. It gives the little ones immense pleasure to start any venture with all the paraphernalia. As a result their performance gets better.

To begin with give him a seed and ask him to keep it between wet cotton wads over night. Once he sees the seed sprouting the next morning, you will notice the interest in him being merited. He would want to indulge more and more in such activates making it easy for you to teach him the art of gardening flowers and vegetables.

Make a small plot of land in the kitchen garden area and assign it to him, so that he can experiment and grow plants of his own choice in it. Slowly when he sees the plants grow, the whole experience will immensely boost his morale and within no time gardening will be fun for him. Make sure that you also teach him the names of the greens he is dealing in for unless your child knows the details of what he is growing and the rest, it will not be an educational practice for him. He can also maintain a book about the same depending upon his level of interest.

Apart from teaching them how the plants and vegetables grow, it will also be good to work with your little ones. This way you will become a friend to your child which is a very good aspect for achieving perfect understanding and bonding. They will enjoy spending time with you whether in the garden or even at home. There could be no other hobby that brings parents close to their children than gardening for when the level of knowledge and interest of both parties on the subject come close, it only means the bond between them is thickening for good.