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To most kids their parents are their father figure. So when asked the question of what they want to be in future, immediate answer would be a wish to be like the father or mother depending on the gender of the child. But some kids try to avoid these questions. For such children setting up a goal is very important. Even for the others, it’s essential to recognize the child’s interest and him/her pursue it.

Important steps for goal setting process for kids

There may be short term, long term and life time goals for children. But the basic process to achieve the goal is same. So, it is the duty of parents to help their children for setting goals.

Identify the interest of the child: Most parents expect the child to take the path of academics. But all children are not academic and wouldn’t want to pursue it. Goals should be set based on child’s interest. Letting the child talk and being a patient listener would help to identify their skills, talent and interest. Some may be very good at language, some at music others at sports. Knowledge of the interest of the child would make goal setting an easy task.

Pen down the goal: To begin with, the child should be made to write down the goal, the reason for achieving the goal and reasons to support it. It could be a very simple ordinary one but still may mean a lot to the child. The child should be encourage to pursue it and given hope that the goal is achievable with smart and hard work. Reading a lot about goal setting would make it easier for the parents and teachers to set the goal.

Course of action: Pening down the path to reach the goal would help the child achieve it. It should a detailed plan for each day and if required hour to hour. This would make the child realise not to get distracted and waste time lag behind the schedule.

Cutting across hindrances: Walking towards the goal may not be always easy for the child. It’s a duty of the parents to help the child overcome the roadblocks and look beyond it. The child should be given moral support and guidance to come out of the problems.

Meeting the deadline: The goal should also come with deadline. This would teach the child important lessons on time management and also make it challenging enough. But inability to meet the goals in the given time frame would make the child unhappy and demotivated. It’s the duty of the parents to guide the child at each and every step and keep them on track.

The 5 points are the basics of achieving goals. This is to be done by the parents, children and teachers. For the children to be motivated to achieve goals the parents must lead by example. They must set small goals for themselves and meet it on time.  The child should be encouraged to set goals and achieve them even for small little tasks. This would help them to a long way in life.