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Healthy beverages for kids should be nutritious and tasty as well and to make  their bodies and minds strong. Sweet drinks contain not much nutritional value, avoid these to save tooth decay, diarrhea and reduced appetite. Milk, a rich source of calcium, is a healthy drink to ensure healthy and strong teeth and bones. Milk varieties available in market like full cream milk, skim milk etc. Skim milk is low in calories and is given to children under two years of age be given whole milk to their energy requirement. Give not more than two to three glasses of milk or sweetened milk   to avoid poor appetite. Give fresh fruits and avoid caffeine-contained soda. Make kids enjoy milk and water a low calories drink to quench thirst. The following are some healthy drinks for kids to enjoy without harming their health.

  • Banana smoothie is a healthy breakfast for kids with chocolate also and is made of fruits, juice and yogurt mixing cinnamon to make perfect garnish.
  • Antioxidant recipes like acai berry juice with vanilla soy milk, lemon yogurt or unsweetened blueberry with pineapple and lemon yogurt are very healthy for active children.
  • Butter squash smoothie mixing pineapple, orange juice, honey and vanilla yogurt is sweet and tasty.
  • Choco Cherry Berry fruit is icy, refreshing made with frozen cherries, blueberries, nutella, orange juice and vanilla yogurt.
  • Hot chocolate is made with cocoa power, sweetened condensed milk, water and vanilla extract.
  • Favorite fruit, kids need five favorite fruits and vegetables a day and recipes of this will make them happy.
  • Peanut butter is served as a hot drink to the liking of kids.
  • Hot buttered cider recipe is served like hot rum without alcohol.
  • Gingerbread milk steamers are warm and soothing drink and favorite of kids.
  • Mango recipe is made of crisp blend of mango, pineapple, vanilla yogurt, pineapple-coconut juice.
  • Orange creamsicle taste with vitamins and flavor, good for infants and toddlers as well.
  • Peach smoothie is fine tasty drink for breakfast for kids.
  • Pink Yink Ink drink is fun creating recipe made from frozen strawberries, milk and vanilla yogurt and adding honey.
  • Sunrise recipe is good, vitamin packed  perfect breakfast for kids mixing orange juice concentrated, vanilla soy milk and whole banana.
  • Pumpkin smoothie tastes just like pie in a glass of kids, they love to enjoy differently.
  • Sweet potato soufflé is  good  for kids to enjoy eating like an icy sweet potato soufflé in glass.
  • Tropical recipe is made with frozen peaches, pineapple, banana, mandarin oranges, orange juice concentrated, vanilla soy milk, add vanilla yogurt and a touch of honey. Kids love to taste it.