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A child very fast grows up to be a toddler. By this time he is mostly on mother’s milk which provides him much needed nourishment. As he grows up his movement increases a lot requiring lots of energy. This is the stage at which the pace of development picks up and the child learns to talk and walk. A toddler is normally in a position to join a few words to make an incomplete sentence. Slowly, as the brain develops, he learns more words and makes them into a proper sentence. Along with the brain, the muscles also develop at a rapid pace and the child learns to run on his own.

All this needs a lot of nourishment which the child gets from well balanced food. Making the child eat is a big headache for the parents, especially mothers. Often the child is not ready to eat the food cooked for him. Making the child sit on the dining chair becomes an issue. The child will normally say no to whatever you try to give him to eat. Often he is happy eating a particular food but next day he will change his liking and will not eat the same thing.

A balanced diet includes a proper mix of cereals or grain, fruit, vegetables, nuts, milk and meat. The day of the toddler normally starts with a glass of milk. Thereafter the first meal of the day is breakfast. It is important that the child should eat a proper and balanced breakfast. A healthy breakfast should include cooked cereal, milk, egg and fruit. It may not be possible for the child to eat all these things at one time, so a proper rotation of these should be made every day so that the toddler gets proper nourishment.

It may be difficult to make the child eat fruit as such so it should be mixed with something else. You may make banana or mango shake of milk and banana or mango or some other fruit. Different cereal should be cooked in milk and some raisins or other dry fruits and peanut butter may be added to it while cooking.

Often children like to eat pancake. Instead of mixing the batter with water it be made from milk, to this butter can be added. To make it more nutritive add some nuts and fruits. This way the child consumes cereals, sugar, egg, milk, fruits and nuts from one dish.

In addition to these it is essential that the child consumes lots of vegetables and some meat. You may make French toast for the child. While making the French toasts add peanut butter, sugar or honey and nuts. This will give balanced food. If the child eats scrambled eggs happily, add some vegetables like onions, tomatoes, broccoli etc to egg while cooking. Chopped tofu and ham may be given to the child along with egg.

For feeding the child innovation is required. Just plan in advance and you will be able to prepare healthy and balanced breakfast for your child.