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According to a data, adolescent obesity is increasing every year. Teenaged children in the USA and other developed countries are facing this problem to a maximum extent. Teenage girls are very particular and sensitive of their weight and come under extreme psychological pressure if they get overweight. For a teenage girl, a healthy diet with proper vitamins and other nutrients is a must.

It is necessary to make a good and balanced diet plan for the teenage girls, so that her proper development takes place. In addition, at this age she has to undertake a lot of physical activity like attending school, playing games and has to do some other work. It is desired that she should eat healthy food high in protein, vitamins, fibre and low in fat.

It is essential that none of the meals should be skipped. She should drink a lot of water as it will reduce the desire of food and help flush out toxins from the body. Crash diet results in acidity, constipation and abdominal pain.

Breakfast is a must for each and every person. While sleeping, quite a long time elapses between dinner and breakfast. If breakfast is skipped, acid formation is likely to increase considerably. This may damage the lining of intestines resulting in development of ulcers. Before going to school eat a healthy and heavy breakfast. After that it is not necessary to eat a heavy lunch. At lunch time you can eat light meal. To avoid intake of fat and excessive calories you may eat green salad for lunch.

Dinner should also be light and free from excessive fat. It is better to eat dinner around sunset so that there is a gap of about four hours between dinner and bedtime. After dinner going for a short walk will be good and will improve digestion. It is essential to drink a glass of milk daily preferably with breakfast. This will fulfil requirement of calcium of your body. An egg a day will help meet the requirement of proteins. Try to avoid vitamin supplements as far as possible as at this age the body has enough strength to extract all inputs from the food you eat.

As far as possible avoid fast food/junk food and soda drinks. Junk food is very rich in fat and has a lot of sugar. These are added to junk food to make it tasty. Instead of junk food you may go in for a bowl of salad. Ice creams are a favourite of the children. Remember these are very rich in fat and add up calories you consume. This should be avoided as far as possible. In addition to food it is necessary to develop good lifestyle. Exercise is a must for healthy body and mind.