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toddler child sleepChildren irrespective of their age love to nap most of the time. As a matter of fact, sleeping makes them strong and bouncy each time they wake up. Hence parents must always design their sleeping pattern according to the need of the hour so that none of the two suffers in the deal. There are times when the child’s slumber cycle doesn’t match that of his parent’s making it arduous to carry on healthily for long. Hence, one must study the sleeping pattern and mould it as per the requirement for comfort and satisfaction.

During summers when the days are longer than the nights one must make sure the little one naps in the afternoons to get some rest for sometime. This way he will wake up fresh and fit unlike many who hardly sleep during the day and end up feeling cranky all the time.

Make sure that you feed him at the right time so that his sleep cycle doesn’t get distorted. Divide a day into three to four meals depending upon your child’s age and then design his nap cycle to make things clear. Each time he finishes his meal, make him stay awake for sometime after which try putting him to bed for some rest.

Prepare the room for his sleep by dimming the lights or drawing the curtains close, so that each time you repeat the process your little one would catch the hint and go to bed in no time at all. Try singing a lullaby too incase he is fond of good music in the background while sleeping.

Once your toddler sleeps, try making no noise in the house to enable him to slumber nice and long so that by the time he wakes up he is fresh and bouncy. If he gets up in between, his sleep pattern would definitely get disturbed, making it impossible for you to re-do it.

Avoid giving your toddler drinks at bed time, specially the soft drinks that kids cant live without these days. Incase you plan to treat him with an juice or a soft drink make sure you do that way before he sleeps so that it doesn’t hamper the cycle in any respect.

Sleep is important to keep the kids going. So help them get a better sleep cycle so that they don’t look tired and fatigued each time they go to school or play depending upon their age. Understand their body and be a good parent only to watch your little ones grow with grace.

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